quando penso all'estate sento brucio dentro e penso a tutto il divertimento possibile e immaginabile… e voi? cosa provate quando pensate all'estate? scrivetelo qui sotto
13 Jul 2013
hey! how are you? I hope everything is fine and I have not annoyed you. Otherwise: Sorry!!!
28 Jun 2013
What a pity. Italy lost the half-final. Sorry for you.
24 Jun 2013
what a pity. :( but isn't it warm enough in Italy. i was in Vienna last week and it was enormously hot...
24 Jun 2013
today i stay at home because it's clowdy
24 Jun 2013
That's good news! Enjoy your day at the seaside...
24 Jun 2013
Yes !!
23 Jun 2013
Hey, I was a few days abroad. I have haerd that there was an earthquake in Italy. i hope that you are allright!
22 Jun 2013
:) yes, internet is a real time killer...
22 Jun 2013
21 Jun 2013
yes, sometime I find very late my way ti the bedroom...
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